The Long Hot Summer



We are pleased to report that our first three quarters (as a "new" company) have been wildly successful. Our merger of our two organizations has proven a very good thing for our clients, our staff and our future as the Northeast's premier provider of Audio Video Integration services.

As always, we encourage you to contact us with any of your AV goals (or dilemmas!) as we have nearly a century of combined experience on tap to assist: no matter how small or large your project may be.

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Test Tone Generator for iPhone / iPad / Android

Audio test tones are a special class of artificially-created sounds. An example is the sine-wave tone you sometimes hear at the end of a video, or when a television station goes off the air.  Here are a couple of Apps for iPhone/iPad & Android that you can use to test or troubleshoot your AV system.

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Some Tips for Meeting Efficiency

AV for Meeting and Huddle Rooms

Some people are just more comfortable than others, when it comes to running a meeting.  While many folks are natural-born public speakers, who know how just when to throw in a joke or two.  Others feel pangs of great anxiety before speaking in front of a group.  Regardless of your comfort level when it comes to running a presentation, there are tools and tips that can help any meeting go off without a hitch.

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Formats, Formats, Formats

One of the more challenging aspects of Audio Visual Systems Integration is keeping track of so many potentially different formats, keeping them organized and in synchronization with switching, distribution and display technologies. An example is the approaching "end of VGA" (and analog formats in general) as society has known it.

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