Some people are just more comfortable than others, when it comes to running a meeting.  While many folks are natural-born public speakers, who know how just when to throw in a joke or two.  Others feel pangs of great anxiety before speaking in front of a group.  Regardless of your comfort level when it comes to running a presentation, there are tools and tips that can help any meeting go off without a hitch.

meeting1. Tools of the Trade
Whether you are a master of all things geeky or technologically impaired, the right AV equipment can help to run a meeting smoothly.  Notes can be projected, lights can be dimmed, music can be added, etc.  Besides, implementing multi-media may just be the entertainment that keeps your crowd awake.

2. Plan Ahead
No one wants to sit through a meeting longer than they have to due to poor planning.  Make sure everything is prepared and working before you step up in front of the room.  Did you bring the correct documents?  Are they in the right file format?  
3. Be Engaging
If only meetings at the workplace were like primary school – no cell phones would be allowed, and any mean comments would be punished by a stint in the corner.  Sadly though, coworkers can't be told to have a "time out".  In order to avoid any ill-behaved listeners being disruptive, keep the crowd involved.  Ask for opinions, questions, or just encourage feedback and discussion.  If a co-worker continues to check his or her phone during the meeting, simply ask them to help hold your charts.
4. Pre-Meeting Notes
Finally, one of the best ways to ensure a meeting's success is to create an agenda.  Write down what you intend to cover, how long you should spend on each topic, and, perhaps even provide a copy for the attendees.  Writing these events down will help keep you accountable while still being able to cover each and every topic.