One of the more challenging aspects of Audio Visual Systems Integration is keeping track of so many potentially different formats, keeping them organized and in synchronization with switching, distribution and display technologies. An example is the approaching "end of VGA" (and analog formats in general) as society has known it.

The common "D-sub" jack, connecting computers to video monitors has already been removed from many contemporary laptops, towers and more. However, for Systems Integrators, there is the reality of "legacy" components---lots of laptops, towers, etc. owned by educational institutions, corporations and more that function well and are in daily use. Knowing what components are necessary to allow the continued use of legacy equipment as well as accommodating current and anticipated formats is what we're all about.

You may never hear about EDID, DRM, HDCP, DOT, ICT (or other industry acronyms) and the complexity they add to making an installed educational system, conference room, lecture hall or digital signage project work seamlessly. If Audio Visual Environments has designed and installed your system, you may never have to.