Advance System Design (ASD) and Geer Sound & Communications (GSC) are pleased to announce the merger of our organizations into Audio Visual Environments, Vermont's premier regional audio visual integrator.

The combined company serves a highly diverse portfolio of corporations and organizations in the region including universities, houses of worship, K-12 educational facilities and much more.  The company serves markets such as corporate, healthcare, education, government, not-for-profit organizations, and houses of worship.

"Dave Geer and I had been discussing the potential of a combined operation off and on for quite some time," states co-owner Mike Trombley of Advance. "The stars finally aligned and we look forward to providing a streamlined delivery of design, estimates, build and installation of customized AV solutions."

"This new economy of scale," continues Dave Geer, GSC President, "plus the very real fact that although ASD and GSC have been competing for years, in reality our client lists blend in a remarkably synergistic manner, allowing the combined client list to benefit from the merger."

The new company will operate from GSC's expanded offices in Milton, Vermont.  Each organization will rapidly bring clients up to speed with the new changes.

"We believe the combined operation will provide all existing customers, as well as new ones, the best design solutions, the highest quality installations, and the most reliable long term service available," says Mike Trombley.

Dave Geer continues: "The increase in staff size will allow for unprecedented efficiencies of operation, from site survey through system commissioning."


For more information, contact AVE at 1-800-639-8089 or via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.