The worship community has moved into the media age by enhancing the total worship experience with the use of multimedia visual and audio. Churches and worship venues everywhere are adding multimedia aspects to their sermons, hymns, plays and other spiritual experiences.

Whether it is a simple audio system for spoken word, or a foreground music system for live sound with accompanying video projection system, we have got you covered. We pride ourselves in continuously being able to meet the critical budget and timeline requirements that a church must adhere to.  Video and sound presentations elevate the senses and feelings of all who attend and increase the level of active participation.

multimedia in a worship service is a combination of spirit, art, and technology

Our products and services include:

  • Foreground live music systems
  • Simple to use, basic speech systems
  • Video projection solutions for text, graphics, and video
  • Choir and musical group sound reinforcement
  • Church specific microphone location design
  • Designer color/wood projection screens to church specifications
  • Distributed audio for remote areas of the Church
  • Audio and video duplication systems
  • ADA compliant assistive listening systems specialists
  • Upgrades and additions to existent systems